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Welcome to the Cross-Content Care Hub

The Care Cross Content Hub is a platform that provides easy access to Care Cross wherever you are, similar to how Care Cross Care Centers provide a home away from home. You can discover all the resources necessary to maintain your health and live a fulfilling existence here. 

Care Cross is not limited to a single location or organization. Through preventive and holistic care, it is believed that all individuals, regardless of age, can age gracefully and flourish. Patients have discovered a healthcare sanctuary with our attentive physicians and caring Care Teams who make you feel like family for more than 15 years. Your path to healthy aging begins with Care Cross. 

Watch our selection of fitness and exercise videos to discover regimens that meet your requirements, whether you’re looking to maintain your mobility or get in shape. Before beginning a new exercise regimen, it is always prudent to consult your primary care physician. 

Are you curious about a healthful diet or what constitutes a superfood? Tune in to our films for heart-healthy dietary advice that is both practical and economical. 

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Educational Pamphlets 

Access our assortment of complimentary pamphlets and fact documents on a variety of subjects. These materials are ideal for sharing with loved ones or using as a discussion starter with your healthcare provider. 

Webinars On Demand 

Observe informative webinars on diverse topics, including stress management and cardiac health. Each month, we will be discussing a distinct health-related topic. 

COVID & Vaccine 

Maintain awareness of the most recent CDC recommendations and general information about COVID precautions. Learn about the preventative measures taken by Care Cross to combat the spread of the disease, including information about the flu vaccine. 

Health Advice 

Download our instructional resources on topics such as diabetes comprehension and lipid management. Feel free to bring up these resources for further discussion during your next appointment with your doctor.